Your Life Coach

So, why coaching?

It’s the same reason that coaches are hired to lead sports teams, train for fitness, or perfect the performing arts—
to WIN—no matter what game you are playing. 

For many,
success has been out of grasp when going it alone; it’s very easy to make—and break—the promises we offer ourselves, convinced that it doesn’t matter anyway.  Make this behavior a habit and we settle with the belief that life is “just the way it is” and the plan that our Creator designed just for us becomes just a dream.

This belief is a lie.

The time to act is now.

You are primed for change, willing to act, and hungry for victory.

So, why Coach Noe…?

…because I own the fact that
I AM an encourager.  It is a gift that I tried to deny for a long time, convinced that my gift “just didn’t matter anyway.”

This belief, too, is a lie.

Life coaching is a part of my divine plan for such a time as this and for such a person as you.

Other benefits of coaching with me…

  • Be heard.  Empty out knowing that I listen in the space beyond your words.

  • Get clarity.  Get it out of your head and into the universe!

  • Dwell in safety. Engage in a safe space where you can be messy and explore.

  • Be held accountable. Partner with me, taking manageable steps to accomplish your mission.

  • Honesty—real talk framed with love and spoken in truth.

  • Acknowledgement and celebration—revel in the wins with someone who “gets it” and is excited for your level-ups!