Instructional Coaching Support

Ultimately, all instruction works to build up student achievement.

Yet, educators cannot construct learning on a faulty foundation. 

Let’s be honest—sometimes there is a gap between the theories learned in college and the realities that the classroom brings.  We may be tempted to hide our insecurities: our struggles with management, uncertainties regarding diversity, failing to align daily plans to assessments, or even a lack of knowledge about how to embed reading and writing skills within units.  Whether you are a classroom teacher, adjunct faculty, principal, or home-school parent, we all need a little assistance sometimes. 

I can help: I was that teacher in hiding. 

Yes, I have professional degrees in English writing and administration, but it is my 20+ years of teaching and my educator’s journey that qualifies me as your instructional support coach. As a novice educator, doubts about my capabilities and worries about my value made it easy to disappear into the safety of my classroom, close the door, and pray no one discovered my secret.  I mastered the content, but was clueless about skillfully transferring that knowledge to students.  Plus, I was content to teach courses that I thought no one else wanted to.  

But what is done in the dark comes to the light—especially at evaluation time! The contentment of
“not knowing” no longer served its purpose.  I asked for help, but received little.  Crying became a norm and my joy for teaching had all but dissipated.  With prayer, encouragement from others, and a concerted effort to obtain clarity and peace of mind in my teaching, I became a problem solver. I looked for the holes in my instruction, curriculum, and in school culture, and I created solutions. I became a support to peers who had been hiding--like me. That’s when God gave me the ideas for Club Virtue: Empowerment for Girls©, GrowSOJO: New Teacher Induction Program©, and The Perphect Paragraf©, my signature writing strategy.

I am best at keeping things
simple, clear, and relatable for kids. 

I can help you create intentionally aligned and scaffolded units, lessons, and assessments.  I will also support you during your educator’s journey-- encouraging you all the way, helping you balance professional responsibilities and personal wellness.

Investing in your own professional development may seem inconsequential or maybe administrators say there is no room in the budget.  Well, a few more years of basic evaluations and stagnant or receding student achievement data are even more daunting.

No more secrets. No more hiding--
time to press forward.

Connect with me: just click the green button below and together we can customize your needs. 

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