I’m Noelle and I am your encourager:

your listener, your confidant, your empathizer, your strategist, your coach that sees past your limits, propelling you forward in your journey, pressing beyond inertia and fear. 

How does this work?  Well, we talk a lot. You seek, reflect, and imagine. I listen. You confront. We plan. You act. We celebrate! …And along the way, the teacher in me will give you homework from time to time.

Let’s be clear from the start.
I cannot make the life of your dreams come true.  Only God can do that.  I'm here to encourage you every step of the way.  So, let’s stir up the gift placed in you.  It’s time to live the life you are purposed for.

Need to warm up a bit? Hang out for a while and get to know me. Got burning questions?  Please ask. 


Onward! Sign up for your catalyst coaching call today! No worries; its free! 

I've waited long enough!