Other stuff about me:

I am in relationship with Jesus Christ; when coaching, His Word oozes out…I can’t help it.

I shy away from hugs, but secretly crave them.

I’m a natural actress and desire to be the love interest in a music video.

I speak Japanese, sort of.

I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

I make the best mac and cheese.

I love Star Wars and Harry Potter movies, but refuse to read the books.

I have lived in Japan, and visited Thailand and South Africa.

I am witty, but bad at “yo mamma” jokes and clap backs.

I married my next-door neighbor, and after eight years of barrenness, had our first baby at 38.

My commitment to you
I am committed that INKERIJ, Inc. be your refuge of support.  I will respect, listen to, acknowledge and encourage you to make peace with your inner critic, magnify your confidence and live the life you create, not merely dream of.  To educators, I offer this as well as clarity and professional guidance.

Choose empowerment. Choose to be in action.  Choose to press beyond inertia and fear.

I’ve got your back.


There has to be more to my life than this.

Even with all the academic achievements, motherhood, and “safe” marriage, I was unsatisfied and bored.  I began a journey to discover my gift and how it would make room for me.  I needed to identify who I truly was, independent of the responsibilities and connections to others, and what I was destined to do that would not only be of service, but also bring me joy, meaning, and life satisfaction. A life-long student at heart, my journey would include prayer, books, courses at Landmark Worldwide®, training from Life Purpose Institute, and urgings from loved ones.  My choice to press beyond my inertia and fear was the catalyst to prove to myself that “I matter.”


Ooh, she’s cute..

so polished and put together. Well…
I wouldn’t say all that. Not so long ago,
I was a prisoner of deficit thinking…

Oh man, was I good at it.  I made others’ actions toward me mean something about me.  As a result, I created these lies and would rehearse them frequently: "I don’t matter," and "I am not worthy." I was a sought-after source of encouragement, dependability, and counsel, but was consumed by my own lack of self-worth.  As a matter of fact, I thought I lacked everything: money, professional effectiveness, and opportunities for advancement.  But most of all, I lacked trust and faith...in God and myself.